Cashout at GentingBet

Cashout is a flexible tool that all bookmakers should be looking to adopt. Not everyone is on board with it yet but those that have embraced the concept have given added value to all of their customers. Among those to have adopted cashout are GentingBet so let’s take a look at how their own system works.

Cashout Explained

In case you are new to the theory behind cashout, here is a general run down of how it works. Essentially, this will allow you to cash in a bet, as long as it is winning, before the outcome reaches its logical conclusion.

Let’s say you have staked on Chelsea to beat Manchester United and your team is 1-0 up with five minutes to play. United are building pressure and you’re not confident that Chelsea will hold on to that victory so, if your bookmaker has subscribed to the scheme, you can take a reduced profit by cashing out.

This can also apply with multiple bets too so, as an example, you win the first three of your four leg acca but would prefer to withdraw before the final selection is played out. With cashout you are free to do this.

Genting Cashout

With GentingBet you can cash out on the football and horse racing markets and this will also apply to certain tennis tournaments too. That isn’t a huge list admittedly but it covers the three most popular sports among the betting community so it will cover the majority of bets across their sportsbook.

If you are in doubt, Genting apply a very distinct logo next to an event. It’s a red circle with an arrow and when you see this, cashout is available for that particular punt. Having placed a bet, you would then log into your account and look for your unsettled wagers. The cashout button will appear if that bet is in a winning position and eligible for a payout and, if you want to proceed, simply click and confirm.

Please check all terms and conditions in full but here are some additional points to keep in mind:

Significant Terms

Cashout is available for single bets and straight line multis only so you will not be able to use a formula such as a Lucky 15 or Lucky 31.

With cashout at GentingBet you can also lock in a loss. This is a form of damage limitation whereby you can settle early with a lower loss than you would sustain if the event ran to a losing completion. Remember however that if that event were to turn around and your choice was to win, you cannot claim any subsequent profit.

The best cashout schemes are known for their flexibility and GentingBet offer that in what is largely a very straightforward approach to the system. There are terms to consider but the main point to remember is that you must look out for that Cashout logo. When it appears, you are free to take advantage and use the cashout system here to lock in a profit (or a loss) when it suits you.