The Benefits of Mobile with Bet365

Bet365’s mobile site and app are going to be very useful for a number of reasons. Whether you’re a recreational punter who likes a flutter every now and again or, if you bet more regularly, it’s a sound idea to go mobile and download the app in order to give you more flexibility.


You can sign up for mobile at Bet365’s dedicated site and the benefits are the same with their standard welcome offer of a 100% match on your opening credit. This applies whether you register via mobile or via a static PC so you are not losing out in terms of bonuses.

Once installed on your mobile, the site is more concise and it is still easy to navigate around and find the sport and the event that you wish to bet on.

Bet365 also have a separate app which can be downloaded to iPhone or Android via the usual channels. Once again, this has good functionality; it’s free, quick and easy to install and you receive the same benefits that you would if you were accessing Bet365 via a PC or laptop.

But why is the ability to bet via mobile so important here?

In Play

It’s more important with Bet365 than any other bookie to have the flexibility of betting on the go. This operator was the pioneer behind the concept of live betting and they remain the market leader in this respect with somewhere in the region of 20,000 in play markets on offer at any one time.

In order to access these and find the bet that you want, you can’t be at home, on your PC or laptop all the time so, if live betting is part of your overall strategy, you should be looking at the mobile site or app to keep pace with the changing markets.

Speed is also important in this situation as live odds will fluctuate very quickly so, if you are using your mobile to play on the live markets, an up to date device plus a fast connection are going to be important to avoid missing out on value.


Even if you aren’t a heavy user of the in play markets, the ability to bet via mobile simply gives you more choice and flexibility. Maybe you’re chatting in a bar with friends and you discuss some potential bets for a game that’s coming up. You won’t always have the chance to get home and stake in time so the app and mobile site means you don’t miss out on placing the bet.

Apps and mobiles are all about making things easier for the betting community and, as you might expect from a market leader, Bet365’s options are among the best with great offers and excellent ease of use.