Betting on Cricket with Bet365

Cricket is a sport that arguably attracts more global interest from a betting point of view than it does as a spectator or participant sport. The game is played at the highest level by just ten countries but across the world, others have realised that there is great potential to make profit.

Like all sports, you need a good betting partner and here are several reasons why Bet365 should be top of the list.


Choice is a huge factor in determining where we place our bets. The result betting in any sport will generally be more popular than anything else but side betting provides many additional ways in which we can turn a profit.

When it comes to cricket, Bet365 simply have a bigger list of side markets than any other sportsbook. Bets such as total sixes, team to hit the most sixes and whether a player will score a century in the game are a little niche but they do have a following and for many of these, Bet365 are the only bookie where you have an option.


When you’re the only bookmaker quoting in a certain market you don’t have any competition but the odds comparison sites show that Bet365 are often out on their own in terms of value. This is definitely the case in cricket where this bookie offers consistently good odds across all cricketing markets.

Frequently, Bet365 have the highest price for result, top batsman, top bowler and other popular side bets so clearly this is another reason why it makes sense to open an account here.

Extra value can also be found from Bet365 in their promotions. Cricket-specific deals can come along for the major tournaments such as the T20 world cup while they have that great opening offer which can earn up to £200.00 as a matched deposit.


There are other benefits with Bet365 including one of the best live streaming services that you’ll find anywhere. This extends to cricket with all the top matches available for customers with a live and funded account.

And, if you like to bet in play, this is definitely the place to be. Bet365 were the pioneers of live betting and claim to have around 20,000 markets open on any given day. Many of these relate to cricket so you can still find your favourites among the live matches that have already started.


While it’s great to have a good all round bookmaker in any sport, Bet365 are out there and at the top of the list for all our requirements. Firstly, there is great choice with more markets than any other operator when it comes to cricket betting.

Following on, there is excellent value in those prices and Bet365 frequently come out on top when you check the various cricket bets across the odds comparison sites. And, at close of play, you have the biggest set of live betting markets on the net and the live streaming facility that lets you watch the games and see how your stake is working out.

Bet365 therefore does more than just tick every box: They surpass themselves in all respects and for cricket enthusiasts, they should really be the first name on the list.