Bet365’s Cashback Puts You in Control of Your Profits

The advent of cashout has helped punters take greater control over their bets since the concept was introduced. Many bookies claim that they were the first to start it and while that’s a debatable argument, the facility at Bet365 is one of the more flexible around.

Bet365 give you a number of ways in which you can trigger your cashback and, unlike other outlets, you can actually set your preferences to do this automatically. Here’s how it all works.

The Process

With Bet365, you cannot claim cashback on every single sporting market but it is made available for most events so there is always plenty of choice. And, with this bookmaker, the option applies to both ante post bets and in play punts giving you even more flexibility.

The concept here, as it is with all bookmakers is a simple one: Place a bet and, if you want to collect while you are in a winning position but don’t want to wait until the finish, just press the button and you take a profit.

Full and Partial Cashout

Full cashout means exactly what it says; when you are in a winning position you can log on to your account and Bet365 will show you exactly how much you will win if you take that full cashout. If you are happy and want to take that early profit, simply click on the prominent cash out button to accept it and your account will be credited with the figure shown.

A partial cashout means that you can take some of the money on offer while allowing the rest of the bet to ride out and reach its conclusion. Once again, when you log into your account, Bet365 will show you exactly how much you can claim by taking a partial cashout. From here, you can take time to consider your options, decide whether the price quoted is an attractive one and then, if you’re happy just press the button and receive your cashout.

On Auto Pilot

If you’re not able to log on to your account while your bet is in progress or, if you just want to relax and let Bet365 do all the work for you, you can set up the auto cashout facility which will trigger the cashout process as soon as any winnings reach a certain threshold.

You can do this when you place your bet – you will see an icon shaped like a cog and when you click on this, you can set the threshold that you require. If that bet subsequently finds itself in a winning position and reaches that figure, Bet365 will automatically trigger the cashback and send funds straight into your account.

The real beauty of any cashback is that it gives control back to the bettor and while many systems are similar, Bet365’s has a little bit more choice and flexibility. Partial and full cashback are here, just as they are with most bookies but the addition of auto cashback is a new thing and it’s a great innovation that means you can decide on your options and don’t have to keep logging on to take your profits.

So, for an all-round cashback experience, Bet365 is tough to beat.