10Bet on Board with Cashout

The concept of cashout has proved to be very useful for many of us with the option to take a reduced profit on our bet before the event has finished. A number of operators claim to be the pioneers in this respect while most are now on board and they have just been joined by 10Bet.

10Bet’s cashback system works slightly differently to most and it could prove to be more generous with both full and partial cashback available. Here’s how it all works.

Cashing Out

With both options the concept is the same: Cashback applies when your bet is in profit but you would like to take the option of receiving a reduced return before the game comes to an end. There are several circumstances where this could be a good move, but usually it’s when your bet is in profit and you’re not certain that it will stay that way.

Full Cashout

As the name suggests, 10Bet will give you an option to cash out your bet completely and it will then be considered as settled. All you need to do if you’re interested in taking this up is click the cashout button under the My Bets section of your account. 10Bet will then show you how much you stand to win and you decide whether to proceed and cash out.

Partial Cashout

This option will let you take a portion of your winnings early but it will keep the remainder of your bet alive. If 10Bet are giving you a chance to take a partial profit, you will see a prominent button when you reach the cashout section and once again, it’s entirely up to you whether you take it or not.

It’s all about giving customers flexibility and it’s been a popular option since its introduction so adopting cashout is a positive move on 10Bet’s part.